The days when a Payment Service provider (PSP) could differentiate itself from its competitors, by offering simple processing capabilities at somewhat low prices, have long passed. The only way for a company to stay ahead and dominate in their market, is to not follow the crowd, identify and seize unique opportunities offered within its industry. offers such an opportunity for any company within the payment industry, a company of any size, a company who does not want to follow the crowd, a company who wants to lead.

Paycards has developed a unique Software Development Kit (SDK) to offer an exceptional experience, based on the natural behaviour of clients, to anyone using this technology.

Among many notable features of Paycards technology is the ability for a customer to enter their card information without using a keyboard. Customer can input their card information into the application by using the camera on their mobile device. Paycards will recognize all the information and input it into the application. Paycards offers PSPs a unique technology, which will revolutionize the end user experience. PSPs will benefit by offering their clients an enhanced Usability Interface (UI), quick deployment and a lightning fast payment conversion time. The SDK can be deployed and integrated to any payment application, practically within 15 minutes. Paycards will also provide all necessary documentation for seamless integration.
Simply put, Paycards has developed a B2B technology; an SDK allowing better synergy between PSPs and Merchants. The technology is an excellent middle layer, connecting payments and user interfaces. By adopting Paycards technology, PSPs can offer this unique solution to their merchants. PSPs will also benefit from an additional exposure by listing your processing services directly on our website- Paycards.